By Sharyl Ingram

The Northern California Members listen to Jeff and Bill describe the uniqueness of their early 1963 coupe (VIN: 3077)
Can’t get any better than a Daytona Blue Split Window Coupe.

By Sharyl Ingram

It has been 11 months since we last laid eyes on Jeff Blakeslee and Bill Cash’s co-owned ‘63. And it has come a long way from the bare chassis to the full-fledged body off restoration.

My brief write-up doesn’t do our morning/afternoon justice of being at the Tech Session hosted by Bill and Jeff at Jeff’s home in Santa Rosa. Needless to say it was a great turnout as I am sure the attendees will agree. Talk about team spirit and effort; Jeff and Bill made sure everything was prepared and ready in the garage(s) whereas Diane took care of the important aspects of making sure the meeting was successful; the donuts upon arrival and the icing was having a delicious lunch for everyone. There was lots of talking and sharing going on as it should be.

Although it might have a been a joke, Jeff surprised me with an original clock to keep everything moving and on time.  It may have started out as a joke, but seriously Jeff, I think you have to agree I exceeded your expectations.

Jeff and Bill will start writing articles sharing the many intricacies of their research and findings for their early ‘63! We all got a small taste at the Tech Session today as Jeff pointed out mirrors, cables, gas lid differentiations, gaskets, wiring, glove box door, floor pan, pcv, anti-rattle springs for the brake drums, the list of early/late differences is ongoing so stay tuned. 

Again thanks to the generosity of the Blakeslee’s for a wonderful day!


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